AstriCon 2016 in Phoenix

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Bicom Systems would love to meet you at AstriCon in Phoenix, Arizona this year!

We will be showcasing our products in more detail than ever before, making announcements about future projects, and hosting moderated discussions. But most importantly, we want to have one-on-one conversations with all of you.

If you would like to attend AstriCon next month and meet with us, please contact your Account Manager to coordinate a time and place or contact us here.

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AstriCon Phoenix 2016

Written by Laura Espinosa on . Posted in Asterisk, AstriCon


We cannot wait to see you at AstriCon! We are exhibiting this year so that you can experience our latest innovations live. We have a full schedule and some exciting announcements planned. Above all, we would love to meet and chat with you in person!

From Q&A time with our technical and sales staff to detailed product presentations to moderated discussion on plans for the future, you will not want to miss it.

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We’ll see in you in Phoenix next month!


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How Bicom Systems uses Asterisk Manager

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We sometimes hear that our customers are using Asterisk Manager and always advise against it. Among other things, Asterisk Manager is not scalable.

Bicom Systems recommends using our own PBXware Proxy for a few reasons…

  • PBXware Proxy stores the Asterisk state in memcached in real time, so there is no need to ‘ask’ Asterisk anything when a client connects

  • Licensing can be done in PBXware Proxy

  • gloCOM depends on PBXware Proxy for many of its features

  • PBXware Proxy provides FULL PBX access

  • Multi-Tenancy

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