PortaOne broke up a phone company over PBXware Multi-Tenant

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While choosing a software platform is a decision free of emotion for most, in some cases it is enough to break up over. Such is this case of PortaOne.

A phone company like many others began the search for a software platform and found both Bicom Systems PBXware Multi-Tenant and PortaOne. The company quickly split into two “teams” – the Bicom supporters and the PortaOne supporters. They became so divided that a third party had to be called in to evaluate both options and make a non-biased decision.

Consequently, the third party chose Bicom Systems PBXware.

We began moving forward with the implementation, happy to see the company progressing.

Meanwhile, ‘Team PortaOne’ was behind the scenes attempting to influence the third party and make them retract their decision. Sadly, they succeeded.

Progress came to a halt as ‘Team Bicom Systems’ was outnumbered by the allegedly non-biased third party.

After a long and painful 6 to 9 months of this back-and-forth struggle, one of the owners made the decision to split up. He sold his portion of the company to the other owners and broke off on his own to create a new company.

I’m not sure this can be seen as a matter of software, but rather of ideology. PortaOne comes from Calling Cards and really deserves its accolades of mastery in this area if the price is affordable in such a cut-throat market.

If, though, you wish to build a sustainable monthly value revenue with truly integrated communications, there are other options.

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For a comparison of PortaOne and Bicom Systems, see PortaOne vs Bicom Systems

UPDATE : One customer emailed us the following :

Started messing around with the Multi Tenant PBXware and it looks quite nice and excellent features for the tenant side – as I said, our current PortaOne does not come near this with client features.

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PortaOne dividió una compañía de telefonía por PBXware MT

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Elegir una plataforma de software no es una decisión emocional para algunos, pero para otros es suficiente para dividir una empresa, como en el caso de PortaOne.

Un cliente potencial inició la búsqueda de una plataforma de software y encontró Bicom Systems PBXware y PortaOne. La compañía rápidamente se dividió en dos “equipos” – los partidarios Bicom y los partidarios PortaOne. Llegaron a ser tan dividida que un tercero tuvo que venir para evaluar ambas opciones y tomar una decisión no sesgada.

Al final el tercer grupo eligió Bicom Systems PBXware.

Comenzamos a seguir adelante con la ejecución, feliz de ver a la compañía progresar.

Mientras tanto, el ‘Equipo PortaOne’ estaba detrás de las escenas tratando de influir el tercer partido y hacer que se retracten de su decisión. Lamentablemente tuvieron éxito.

El progreso se detuvo como ‘Equipo Bicom Systems’ fue superado en número por el tercero supuestamente no sesgada.

Después de un largo y doloroso 6 a 9 meses de esta lucha de ida y vuelta, uno de los propietarios tomó la decisión de separarse. Él vendió su parte de la empresa a los otros propietarios y se rompió por su cuenta para crear una nueva empresa.

No estoy seguro de que esto puede ser visto como una cuestión de software, sino más bien la ideología. Para asegurarse PortaOne viene de tarjetas de llamadas y realmente se merece todos los elogios de la maestría en esta área si el precio es asequible en un mercado tan feroz.

Pero si usted desea construir un ingreso mensual de valor sostenible en las comunicaciones verdaderamente integrados, hay otras opciones.

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Para una comparación de PortaOne y Bicom Systems, vea PortaOne vs Bicom Systems

ACTUALIZACIÓN: Un cliente nos envió lo siguiente por correo electrónico:

Probé Multi Tenant PBXware y se ve bastante bien y con excelentes características para inquilino – como ya he dicho, nuestro producto actual, PortaOne, no se compara con PBXware con las características del cliente.


PortaOne vs Bicom Systems

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Were you born a vampire or someone just bite you to become one? (A comparison of Bicom Systems and PortaOne)portaone

Many customers interested in our Multi-Tenant platform come to me asking the difference between Bicom Systems PBXware Multi-Tenant edition and switches out there that one way or the other are advertising ‘multi-tenant’ capabilities such as PortaOne.

Well I believe the answer is as simple as the vampire fact : if you were not born as a vampire but rather turned into one you will never be as good as a born vampire. In brief, without digging more into science fiction, let’s discuss my explanation to terms we are all familiar with : if a system is not born as an IPPBX but rather adjusted to act like one the end user will never experience the real deal and the service provider will never accomplish complete satisfaction.

Several popular switches out there, like PortaOne, claim to include a Multi-Tenant IPPBX, but when all is done they are ‘Centrex’-like simulations or service providers landing in the middle of ongoing development on something that was not designed to be an IPPBX and/or a Multi-Tenant.

Bicom Systems PBXware was born as an IPPBX and comes in 3 editions: Multi-Tenant, Call Center and Business.

I suggest that customers test our product and experience a real Multi-Tenant IPPBX. To test, use the following login details:

http://mt.bicomsystems.com/ email: mt@bicomsystems.com password: mtdemo

I recently compiled a comparison chart with PortaOne wholesale switch and Bicom Systems PBXware.

Key Feature Bicom PortaOne Comments
Call Shops YES YES Call Shop / Calling Card Edition Available in PBXware
Calling Cards YES YES Call Shop / Calling Card Edition Available in PBXware
WholeSale Billing YES YES Available in PBXware integrated with TELCOware Billing Platform
100% Multi Tenant Platform YES NO Centrex Alike Emulation
Full Featured IPPBX YES NO PortaONE is a Wholesale Switch not a fully featured IPPBX
Virtualization YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Basic Call Center Features YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Advance Call Center Edition YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Dedicated Virtual Enviroments YES NO Not present in PortaONE
Desktop Apps YES NO Windows, Linux and MAC Applications including free unified messaging client
Mobile Apps YES NO IPhone, Android and Blackberry Softphone
Onsite Deployments YES NO What will you do when the customer requires a deployment on site ?
Onsite to Cloud Redundancy YES NO What will offer when customer ask for on site with redundancy in the cloud?
Real Time Reports / Statistics YES NO Via Desktop Applications and Web Interface, graphics and recordings access
Call Instant Recording / Barging / Monitoring YES NO PBXware can do call recording in multi-levels
Tenant Level Admin Access YES NO Tenant Administrator or Client has access to his own hosted PBX
Auto Provisioning to ATA, IPPhone, Softphones YES NO PBXware provisions Cisco, Polycom, Aastra, YeaLink, Snom, Linksys, Sipura
Custom Design YES Limited Limited to PortaONE only

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