PBXware Now Used in Prisons

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Bicom Systems is pleased to announce its business relationship with Wateen Telecom in Pakistan to begin serving prisons.

Wateen Telecom, a converged communications service provider, aims to bring Pakistan into the 21st century and digital revolution.

This case began with a challenge in January of 2014: Wateen needed to supply a telephony system to the inmates of the Punjab Prison System in Pakistan. While similar to a call shop, this situation was unique and had some special requirements and obstacles.

Read about the solution that used PBXware and custom work in our Wateen Case Study.



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Bicom Systems is excited to announce its partnership with WiLogic in California to offer a more advanced and feature-rich VoIP phone system to their customers.

After experiencing rapid growth, WiLogic found themselves in need of a more powerful platform to satisfy customer demands. They found their solution in PBXware.

Since then, WiLogic has obtained and retained more customers than ever thanks to a plethora of VoIP telephony features.

To read more about this business partnership, read our WiLogic Case Study.


Custom Work: IMAP Syncing

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imap voicemail

Asterisk IMAP Voicemail system too slow? Not a problem!

Our custom workaround speeds things up with one way syncing between the IMAP mailbox and telephone system.

In this solution, voicemails are stored on the file system and monitored for deleted folders or voicemails. As soon as a voicemail is deleted from the email account, it is also deleted from the file system.


Custom Work: Remote VoIP PBX

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remote voip ip pbx

Need to use your VoIP PBX remotely? We made it possible in a customized solution.

By linking the tenant and the remote IP PBX in a single dial plan, the user has remote IP PBX functionality similar to DUNDi. The administrator would need to setup routing, including which extensions are on Multi-Tenant and which are on the remote VoIP PBX.


Custom Work: Sangoma D150

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Sangoma D150

Thanks to a custom solution, Astrium and Sangoma D150 are now compatible.

Before this workaround, the Sangoma D150 codec module used Asterisk RTP stack, causing transcoding to 20ms payload.

By modifying the Asterisk RTP stack to send larger payloads without internal repacketization, we were able to make working with 60ms payloads possible.


Custom Work: gloCOM

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Did you know we can customize gloCOM for any company or telephone system?

We’ve already done it for for S-Net Communications, Telappliant, and many others. You’re next!

Among other things, the custom solution can include:

  • Different name

  • Different icon

  • Disabled faxing

  • Support for web plugins

  • Setup of default country for outgoing calls

  • Removal of free edition


Custom Work: Asterisk Conferencing

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asterisk conferencing

In response to an Asterisk conferencing bug at S-Net Communications in Chicago, we developed a custom conferencing solution.

Due to a lack of functionality, S-Net was unable to jump from Asterisk 1.8 to Asterisk 11. We developed a backport of functionality of ConfBridge in order to fix this issue.

This custom solution was developed for S-Net but can be repeated for anyone else that needs it.


Custom Work: PIN-Based Dialing

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telephony security

Companies today report that security is one of their top concerns. One of the many ways we’re able to help protect you is by preventing unauthorized calling.

With this custom solution, once a handset is picked up, the telephone will automatically dial the access code and ask the user for the extension/PIN combination.

After the call is done, the user extension will be billed.

Security is important to any VoIP PBX telephone system. Contact your Account Manager today!


Custom Work: Prison Telephony

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prison telephony

While prisons and jails aren’t the first thing to come to mind when discussing Unified Communications, they do require a telephony solution similar to other companies or call centers.

After being approached about providing a prison telephony solution, we further tweaked our call shop custom solution to provide a custom workaround for the prison.

This solution utilizes vouchers that are created ahead of time with different denominations to be sold to prisoners for telephone calls.

Learn more from Wateen Telecom.


Custom Work: CDR for Unanswered Calls

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Do you employee a ‘Ring All’ strategy with several extensions? Does this lead to numerous ‘unanswered calls’ in your CDR? Does it drive you crazy?

It only took a few complaints for us to sympathize with the problem and do something about it. Our custom solution simplifies CDRs for situations where a ‘ring all’ strategy is in place.

For example, if a ring group with a ‘ring all’ strategy contains 20 numbers, each incoming call will result in 20 call records: 1 answered call and 19 unanswered calls.

This custom solution eliminates the superfluous 19 unanswered calls from the CDR on your telephone system.


Custom Work: Agent BLF

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call center

Presence is one of the most popular advantages of Unified Communications and, more specifically, gloCOM. The ability to check the status of employees or coworkers in real-time is invaluable to productivity and collaboration for call centers or other businesses.

But if it’s not working correctly, what’s the point?

We created a custom solution that lets agents check and make sure presence is working on the telephone system correctly.

We give a BLF button to all users, allowing them to see if they are logged in or not and to log in or out with just a quick press of the button.

This is particularly useful for large enterprises or call centers that have many users online at any given time.


Custom Work: Special Routes

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special routes

Do you ever wish you could call numbers from your IP PBX in non-E164 format? Well now you can!

For example, without this custom solution, typing a short code like 1517 for a local taxi service would go to the SIP provider rather than out through the PSTN line. This solution fixes that so special routes are allowed.