New Devices Coming to PBXware

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In anticipation of the upcoming release of PBXware 4.1.2, we have been busy testing and certifying new telephones for you. In an effort to widen your choices, we have partnered with Htek, Obihai, VTech, and Yealink to certify several new devices.

From innovation to quality, unified communications to efficiency, reliability to cost-effectiveness, these phones have it all. We are confident that PBXware subscribers will be able to find a perfect-fit device from our selection.

New devices include:

For a list of existing certified devices, please see our website.

Stay tuned for the release of PBXware 4.1.2. In the meantime, check out our IP Key Systems.


MikroTik User Meeting (MUM) & VoIP Call Quality

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MUM, or the MikroTik User Meeting, is a conference held several times a year across the world. It is a gathering of all users of MikroTrik, an Internet Connectivity Hardware and Software provider based in Latvia.

David Attias of PennyTone LLC did a presentation at MUM in the United States last month. PennyTone has been working with PBXware for many years and supports many small and medium businesses. In his presentation, he discussed “Common VoIP Problems: How to Detect, Correct, and Avoid Them”. His presentation identified factors that contribute to VoIP call quality and how to detect, correct, and avoid them. You can watch the full presentation below.

But you do not have to be a MikroTik user to benefit from this kind of software and capabilities. Bicom Systems offers sipMON, a SIP monitoring application designed to analyze and improve VoIP call quality.

Our software monitors and troubleshoots call quality in real time, ensuring consistent quality when on an important call. Learn more about sipMON on our website:

David Attias’ VoIP Call Quality Presentation:


10 Ways to Protect Your IP PBX From Hackers

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ip pbx security

In response to a common VoIP security question, Digium provides ten ways to protect your IP PBX from hackers.

1. Use a private network and exclude international calls from this network

2. Ask your Service Provider to help restrict calling

3. Use a firewall from the inside

4. Verify IP addresses

5. Never use the root user and disable login as such

6. Create strong passwords and change frequently

7. Close all ports that are not in use

8. Run any susceptible services (for example, SSH) on non-standard ports

9. Ask IT experts to protect platforms

10. Never step learning about new security threats and protections

If this has piqued your interest or concern about VoIP security, check out VoIP Security: The Risks and How To Prevent Them.


Bicom Systems Partners with HTek to Certify IP Phones

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HTek IP phones are a reliable and cost-effective option now available to PBXware users

Greenford, UK and Nanjing, China (1 December 2015) – Bicom Systems is excited to announce its partnership with Hanlong Technology Co. to introduce HTek IP Phones into PBXware. Reliable and cost-effective, HTek IP Phones will be an ideal option for many PBXware users.

Bicom Systems completed auto-provisioning and certification of Hanlong’s HTek IP phones to ensure full compatibility with PBXware® 4.0, including the Business, Multi-Tenant, and Call Center editions.

Auto-provisioning and certification were done on the full range of HTek IP phone models, including: Gigabit Color IP Phones UC862 and UC842, Color IP Phones UC860P and UC840P, HD IP Phones UC806P and UC804P, and Entry Level IP Phones UC803P and UC802P.

The partnership between Bicom Systems and Hanlong guarantees full interoperability between HTek IP phones and Bicom Systems PBXware, providing ITSPs, resellers, enterprises, and SMBs with reliable and cost-effective phone system solutions.

About Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd.

Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Nanjing, China in 2005, and has earned its reputation for the quality and value of its products. Hanlong Technology focuses exclusively on VoIP and develops HTek IP Phones, ATAs, and gateways. HTek products deliver superb sound quality, a rich set of SIP telephony features, and an industry-leading two-year warranty. Over the past several years HTek products have been sold in almost 50 countries. HTek sells its products through a worldwide network of distribution partners, ITSPs, and OEMs. For more information, visit

About Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems is the world’s first and most mature Professional Open Standards Turnkey Telephony Platform. Since 2003, Bicom Systems has deployed flexible, reliable, and scalable New Generation Communication Systems to SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide by unifying the most advanced of latest technologies. For more information, please visit

Contact Info:

Bicom Systems Contact

Stephen Wingfield

sales (at) bicomsystems (dot) com

+1 619-760-7772

HTek Contact:

Jim Webster

jim (at) h-tek (dot) com

+1 256-382-1295


Yealink T2X Compatibility

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Bicom Systems is pleased to announce that the new Yealink T2X telephones are fully compatible with our system.

We now support the T2X telephones in all of the ways that older telephones are supported. This includes auto-provisioning.

The new telephones can now be found in the PBXware GUI as new UADs.

Supported telephones are: T21P, T21P E2, T23G, T27P, T29G, and T19 coming soon!

Please contact us with any questions at



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Bicom Systems is excited to announce its partnership with WiLogic in California to offer a more advanced and feature-rich VoIP phone system to their customers.

After experiencing rapid growth, WiLogic found themselves in need of a more powerful platform to satisfy customer demands. They found their solution in PBXware.

Since then, WiLogic has obtained and retained more customers than ever thanks to a plethora of VoIP telephony features.

To read more about this business partnership, read our WiLogic Case Study.


A Visit from LanDynamix from South Africa

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We had a great visit from the LanDynamix Team from South Africa at our office in Bosnia last month.

LanDynamix provides Information and Communications Technology services to growing businesses in South Africa. After partnering with Bicom Systems to use PBXware, the LanDynamix Team made the trip to Bosnia for training.

Peter Clarke, founder of LanDynamix, had the following to say on their visit:

Everything was excellent, the team really looked after us well, Davor specifically made sure we had everything we needed.

The training was just what we wanted, we really get everything and more out of it. 

Being able to sit with Sergej and dig deep into the system and analyse issues/questions live was really helpful. The rest of the team were excellent as well. The time with Denis was also very beneficial to ourselves as well, we showed him what we needed and what we had from the Broadsoft platform and I hope it helps him to develop the new console. It was also really nice to meet the support team, it’s nice to have met the guys we deal with on a regular basis.

It was probably one of the best trips I have had and definitely the most productive business trip we have ever taken, it exceeded all expectations.

Are you interested in doing the same? Contact us today!


Our Verdict on Yealink Phones

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We asked the Bicom Systems support team what they thought of Yealink Telephones. Do they recommend them? Dread working with them? Have a different preference?

The consensus was a green light for Yealink phones.

Support was quick to point out the issues they had run into with Yealink phones – after all, that is their job. But the issues were minor and not enough to change their positive view of Yealink.

For example, when the new T4X devices came out, Yealink introduced a new firmware version that was meant to fix previous issues. However, the improved firmware brought several bugs with it. Support felt that with each release that fixed one bug, a new bug would emerge. This was not entirely Yealink’s fault – the firmware upgrade instructions stated that the devices should be restored to factory settings, something that most users did not bother to do.

yealinkWhile Yealink phones “are not Polycoms”, they actually possess some benefits over Polycom to certain users. They are less expensive and more user-friendly. Users that do not require advanced customization will get sufficient quality from Yealinks, especially for the lower price. Polycoms can be intimidating and require a steep learning curve.

In short, while support does encounter bugs with Yealink telephones, they still recommend them to customers due to their user-friendliness at a lower price.

What are your thoughts on Yealink? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below! Or head over to our website for more information.

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Polycom vs Aastra

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We recently received an email from a customer debating the pros and cons of Polycom vs Aastra telephones. They were going to begin using Polycom telephones but one employee brought up his poor past experiences with Polycom and pushed for Aastra.

He shared three reasons he preferred Aastra telephones:

  1. Autoprovision – handsfree, fire and forget setups – reduces time and increases customer satisfaction

  2. Ease of use – as above

  3. Robust

In his experience, Polycom was slow and cumbersome – taking too long to reboot between changes and lacking an extensible interface to extend the functionality of the telephone.

They asked us for some advice on the benefits of Polycom phones. We responded with the following:

Polycom changed a lot with firmware v4.x. You should trial that first.

It can now update ‘some’ of its configuration without rebooting. For instance, if you send a SIP NOTIFY packet, it will re-download the config files and not require full reboot (this depends on which options are changed).

There is also a new web interface (although I do not recommend to use it in combination with auto provisioning) which allows for the modification of almost all options (previously this was not the case).

Yes, it is more complex. You need to read its Admin guide from beginning to the end to truly understand the concept.

Sure, they still boot slowly and you may have some trouble until you set it up, but it is the type of device that once you setup, you don’t tweak around constantly. It is not a perfect ‘dev’ device (where you have to constantly add/remove accounts etc).

See also: Our Verdict on Polycom & our Polycom Products


Bicom Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with VOIP INNOVATIONS

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voip innovations

PITTSBURGH (7 August 2013) – Bicom Systems is pleased to announce its partnership with VoIP Innovations in order to combine our expertise and better serve the market with a synergy of telecommunication services.

VoIP Innovations, a Wholesale VoIP Provider based in Pittsburgh, “aggregates services from the nation’s largest telecom providers to give our customers the low Wholesale VoIP rates and network footprint needed to be competitive.” With more than 20 years of experience, VoIP Innovations is a leader in the market and serves customers around the world.