Is VoIP driving business away from you?

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Over the years I have noticed that more and more of our new customers are no longer VoIP Entrepreneurs wanting to join the telephony provider venture. Seems like the more VoIP becomes the present and defines the future of communications, the more industries it touches.

These days, any business that provides IT industry related services is somehow related to, or forced to be related to, the communications infrastructure of their customers. Even better if the customer has some knowledge or is at least aware of the unified communications experience.  

Industries like Internet service provides, cable services, and/or fiber providers have already joined, are planning to join, or at least know the future is to integrate in order to gain and retain customers. To mention a few of the most common that will ring my desk, I should start with hosted service providers. Either hardware, software, or a mix of the two, is something that, sooner or later, VoIP has to become an integrated part of. Either a multi-tenant platform like ours in order to centralize all hosted PBXs, or separate Call Center/Custom environments, this is something that, along with other value-added features, a hosted service provider will get asked for pretty often.  

Other industries, less related to network services or hosted services like IT Managed Services, will encounter themselves one way or another supporting an IP Phone, a local PBX, or a PBX hosted by someone else. They will notice the additional revenue and increased customer retention will come as soon as they can also take care of the telephony needs. 

Many of my customers will often express how VoIP service may be just one service out of many, and maybe not the one that bring the most revenue in from customers. But VoIP is an essential piece of the relationship since it is the part that allows their customers to unify their communications, in addition to the suite of services it provides.

This article is a ‘heads up’ to all those out there that think VoIP services ‘could be’. Soon VoIP will be a ‘major’ part of any one proposal because it will become part of the request. The end-user likes to feel a level of unification that provides them the security that a single provider can serve, understand, and support all their technology components.

VoIP is so flexible that anyone that has a customer base and provides any type of service, even non-technology, could find a way to integrate it into their suite of services with a huge value and even bigger retaining element. Make it drive business towards you, not away from you. At this very moment deals are been turned down because the competitor shows a unified set of services with telephony, or impressed the customer with an additional service made possible by VoIP.

Just because everyone related is getting involved does not mean that it is easy. We still hear horror stories. Even that the voice quality is not working out, loss of RTP, but less. More and more it’s ‘how do I?’ Whether CRM integration or producing better reporting and so control of daily lives.

If you would like to explore your options, whether you are related to technology services or not, Bicom Systems would be happy to assist with whatever ideas you may have. We have not seen it all yet, but with the many we have worked with already, I’m sure you are at the right place for finding a solution. Our IPPBX PBXware comes in a Single Tenant Business Edition, Multi-Tenant Edition, and Call Center Edition, and the mix of all of them is as customizable and flexible as it comes.


PBX for Small Business

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One of my favorite things about modern communications technology is the way it levels the playing field.

In the past, small businesses had a constant disadvantage against large organizations or enterprises. But with technology like VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX, this is no longer true. Small businesses can access many of the same features and values despite having fewer resources.

Hosted PBX is low-budget, easy-to-use, and scalable – all things that small businesses can appreciate.

Small businesses with a Cloud PBX can serve customers as if they were a large enterprise, opening the path for growth.

Speaking of growth, it is easy with Hosted PBX. Scalability allows small businesses to start with what they have and grow fluidly.

Learn more about PBXware Business PBX or contact an Account Manager today!

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Marketing Unified Communications

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Unified Communications. We all know and understand the idea of Unified Communications, but do our End Users? Are you promoting the benefits of Unified Communications to their full extent?

The definition of Unified Communications is the centralization of communications to increase availability to users. Unified Communications are available at any time, from any place, and on any device. This translates to not only basic communications, but also extensive features that set your product apart from the competition.

So how do we convey the significance of that to our End Users? Focus on the real, immediate benefits to the user and create an environment that meets the users requirements so completely that they could not abandon it. The deeper the roots that the user develops in your solution, the more difficult it will be for them to abandon it.

Some features of Unified Communications to focus on:

  • Ability to work from anywhere

  • BYOD

  • Archived communications

  • Lower costs

  • Increased & more flexible features

…What else would you add to the list? Brainstorm about how Unified Communications benefits your End Users and share your ideas with us!


Hosted IP PBX Solutions

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As hosted IP PBX solutions take over the industry and replace and outdate other options, PBX resellers are faced with a unique opportunity; now is the time to begin offering hosted IP PBX solutions and claiming a niche in the market.

Many resellers have merely tweaked their current systems to allow for a hosted option, leaving much to be desired. Resellers that offer complete hosted systems fulfill a specific need in the market that has yet to be fully met. Now is the time to take advantage of this gap in service and begin offering complete hosted solutions that end users can rely on. Whether you are just getting started or wanting to upgrade to newer technology and solutions, Bicom Systems has the software and resources to get you started. With ample experience in the field of hosted solutions, Bicom Systems will provide you with software, hardware, marketing materials and an Account Manager to guide you.

Bicom Systems’ PBXware is the world’s first and most mature professional open standards turnkey telephony platform. Available in Business, Call Center, and Multi-Tenant, editions, PBXware allows you to deploy flexibly, reliable, and scalable hosted IP PBX communication systems.

Offering a true hosted IP PBX system provides End Users with a number of benefits:

  • Managed service with pre-defined service agreements
  • Remote management
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Future proofing
  • Predictable monthly service charges
  • Voice integration
  • Customization

Learn more at www.bicomsystems.com or contact us today at sales@bicomsystems.com to claim your spot in the hosted IP PBX market. Or to learn more about how we’ve help other companies, check out our Case Studies.


VoIP PBX Software & Systems

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In September of 2004 Bicom Systems launched its PBXware software – a VOIP PBX Software System – in order to provide SMBs, enterprises, and governments worldwide with turnkey solutions that take account of clients’ exact needs within a very cost-effective framework.

voip softwareA VoIP PBX is similar to a traditional Private Box Exchange (PBX) except it provides service over the internet rather than using PSTN. This is also known as an IP PBX. VoIP Software relies on the Internet to transmit voice over an IP connection rather than a traditional phone system. VoIP Systems offer a more streamlined and less expensive alternative to traditional systems that require hardware and PSTN lines.

Bicom Systems’ VoIP PBX System – PBXware – is a cost-saving VoIP Software that unifies the most advanced of latest technologies to offer a flexible, reliable, and scalable VoIP Software to customers. PBXware is available in three editions: Multi-Tenant VoIP PBX, Business VoIP PBX, and Call Center VoIP PBX.

Also, visit our VoIP PBX Software & Systems wiki.

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