What is a Session Border Controller?

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session border controller

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a device or software that initiates, conducts, and terminates VoIP phone calls.

SBCs can provide routing, security, interoperability, and more.

However, Sessions Border Controllers are not the only option and we find that most of our partners actually need a SIP Proxy. Read more about the difference between an SBC and a SIP Proxy here.


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What is a SIP Proxy?

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sip proxy

A SIP Proxy is, in the simplest terms, an intermediary between two SIP devices. Also called a SIP server, a SIP proxy routes calls on a SIP network and is responsible for tasks such as registration, authorization, and other call functions and features.

A key part of any IP PBX, the SIP Proxy makes calls possible for users. Not to be confused with a SBC, SIP Proxies are unique and probably all you need.

Bicom Systems offers a SIP Proxy product, learn more here.

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