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4 Threats to VoIP Security

Written by Laura Espinosa on . Posted in VoIP, VoIP Security

voip security

With the rapid evolution and growth of VoIP, it is no surprise that we face some security threats today. But it is important to take them seriously and protect your VoIP system.

Some of the most common risks today are:

1. Denial of Service (DoS) – Attacks on a network or device that overwhelm the server and cause loss of service. The attacker may be attempting to gain remote control of the system.

2. Eavesdropping – Hackers may be able to listen in on VoIP calls to steal information.

3. Spamming – We have all dealt with spam before and VoIP is no exception. Spam over IP Telephony (SPIT) sends spam messages to your VoIP phone.

4. Theft of Service – Attackers can gain access to your VoIP solution and use it free of cost. This uses up your resources and may slow down the system for paying users.

The first step is recognizing and understanding the risks. The next step is to prevention. Download our free VoIP Security whitepaper to learn more about how to protect your VoIP system: www.bicomsystems.com/voip_security


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10 Ways to Protect Your IP PBX From Hackers

Written by Laura Espinosa on . Posted in Digium, IPPBX, VoIP Security

ip pbx security

In response to a common VoIP security question, Digium provides ten ways to protect your IP PBX from hackers.

1. Use a private network and exclude international calls from this network

2. Ask your Service Provider to help restrict calling

3. Use a firewall from the inside

4. Verify IP addresses

5. Never use the root user and disable login as such

6. Create strong passwords and change frequently

7. Close all ports that are not in use

8. Run any susceptible services (for example, SSH) on non-standard ports

9. Ask IT experts to protect platforms

10. Never step learning about new security threats and protections

If this has piqued your interest or concern about VoIP security, check out VoIP Security: The Risks and How To Prevent Them.