Voice on VMware

Written by Laura Espinosa on . Posted in PBX System, Unified Communications, Virtual PBX, VMware, VMware PBX, Voice on VMware, VoIP

Bicom Systems does not support VMware as a product platform for a number of reasons including issues with time scheduling, syncing, lack of Linux addons, insufficient performance boundaries, processing delays, and more. Bicom Systems staff has compiled a list of relevant reading on the problems with supporting VMware and some potential solutions:

  • As discussed in the article Timekeeping In Virtual Machines, VMware is unable to exactly duplicate the timing of other physical machines. This may cause discrepancies in timekeeping and other problems.
  • The VMware End-User Computing Blog had a very interesting article about VMware View 5 and the way that may address some of the above issues.

For more information, visit the Bicom Systems Wiki or the VMware blog.