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    IPSBS is part of the Ideacom Companies that specialize in traditional PBX systems. IPSBS has not only converted numerous customers to their Bicom Systems Cloud system, but continue to add Call Center and Business standalone systems in many states in the USA.


    Telappliant was among our first partners over a decade ago, and our partnership is still growing today. We started together when VoIP was still a dirty word. We knew that a professional, supported product was needed to avoid being looked at as a “hobby”. This idea has grown and now we are working together on some of the largest corporate deals around. As our customers get bigger, the feedback gets louder - “We want more...”

    Advance 2000

    Advance 2000 worked with Alcatel for decades. Times were changing, but they needed to maintain the same standards of redundancy and offer many more services within market limits. This relationship has seen an increasingly dominant presence in upstate New York as well as the Tri-State area.



    Legal Aid had used traditional vendors before. However, they knew more flexibility would be better and offer considerable cost savings. In addition to the call center that serves some of the most vulnerable in the Province, Legal Aid has brought its 200 satellite offices into a single network. We have provided custom development at different stages to ensure they have exactly what they need to best serve their customers.


    With only six weeks before the financial year ended, NASA needed a company that could deliver a unique conferencing solution quickly. 600 scientists around the world required collaboration tools specific to their nature of work. Very few providers would have the flexibility to master this against such a deadline. Bicom Systems did.


    Chicago felt the winds of change blow through the city when SNET contacted Bicom Systems. Having tried a couple of other vendors that simply did not meet the mark, the company came with some issues. Six years later, they are expanding nationwide.



    As the largest private army in the world, MFO has the responsibility of maintaining peace between Israel and Egypt while surrounded by ISIL. In the remoteness of the Sinai desert, we were only going to get one chance to get this right. Bicom Systems planned the transition of 5000 Endpoints, many being Mitel that could not be moved. The system now provides dual redundancy with its Rome, Cairo, and Tel Aviv offices incorporated in the same network.