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gloCOM Comparison

Feature Description Office Business Receptionist Agent (Call Center) Supervisor (Call Center)
Supported hardware
PC -
Mac -
Supported platforms
MS Windows Install and use gloCOM on MS Windows 32/64-bit platforms (Windows Vista and above).
MAC OS X Install and use gloCOM on MAC OS X platforms (10.6 and above).
Linux Install and use gloCOM on Linux Ubuntu 64-bit platforms (12.04 and above).
Minimum requirements
70 MB of free HDD space gloCOM requires up to 70 MB of free HDD space to install. - - - - -
Broadband internet connection Stable broadband internet connection is important factor in VoIP call quality as VoIP traffic is highly susceptible to latency and lost packets. - - - - -
Unified Comms Mode
SoftPhone Softphone Unified Comms Mode is the most feature rich mode. It allows user to use all unified comms and standard comms features.
Mobile phone If the mobile phone is set to Unified Comms Mode, the mobile phone becomes an extended part of gloCOM giving users mobility while retaining gloCOM features.
Office phone By settiing office phone to Unified Comms Mode, user integrates gloCOM features effectively and so obtains a full control of their phone.
Any phone gloCOM can be set to Unified Comms Mode to call back any phone number and still keep the use of gloCOM features on this new line.
Office Phone Control gloCOM allows users to exercise office phone control features remotely without physically touching phone. Polycom IP phone series are fully supported devices.
Answer a call Answer a call straight from your desktop (Polycom integration only)
Hangup / Reject the call Hangup or reject the call on your phone
Switch between calls View info about multiple calls and switch between them easily
Transfer a call Make a transfer (blind / supervised / xfer / device transfer) of your phone call by drag&drop
Hold / Resume call Place call on hold or resume a call with a single click
Redial Redial a number by a single click
Click to dial Dial a number and a make a phone call without picking up the handset
Mute Mute your speaker or mic with a single click
Speakerphone Place call on speaker straight from desktop
Unified Comms Features
File sharing Send / Receive files through IM client.
Drag and Drop Use simple drag and drop actions to add users to call/chat/conference/group chat, make blind and attended transfers.
Instant Messaging by Chat Chat with one or more Users (single & group chat) at the same time, and keep a searchable History of every IM conversation.
Department Group Messaging Sending IM messages to Company's Departments
Presence Set your presence status and availability on gloCOM. View other user's presence and availability.
MS Outlook Sync Outlook contacts with gloCOM. Call them from gloCOM directly or from Outlook using the integrated Outlook plugin. When inbound call is received, see who of your Outlook contacts is calling you.
MS Exchange Sync Exchange contacts with gloCOM. Call them from gloCOM directly or from Outlook using the integrated Outlook plugin. When inbound call is received, see who of your Exchange contacts is calling you.
Apple Address Book Sync Address Book contacts with gloCOM. Call them from gloCOM directly. When inbound call is received, see who of your Address Book contacts is calling you.
Google Contacts Import contacts from Google Contacts into gloCOM. Call them and display who of your Google Contacts is calling you.
Send vCard (contact sharing) Share contact details with another gloCOM user or via email.
Switch Phone Click to Switch the Phone on which the Call is taking place
Browser Integration Click to dial from a mayor web browsers, (Firefox, Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Safari)
E-mail client Integration Send e-mails from gloCOM to your contacts using your default e-mail client.
Standard Comms Features
Voice Calling Place, receive and control calls on any SIP phone or SoftPhone or DeskPhone ( Please note: Edition specific)
Video Calling Place, receive and control Video calls on any VideoPhone or SoftPhone.
Voicemail Play, rewind, pause, delete and move Voicemail messages, all from your PC.
Faxing Send any document as fax directly from it's native application (Word, Excel etc...), or send faxes directly from gloCOM (PDF files only). Receive faxes and view them directly from your computer. Check Fax history of received files.
PBXware Directory Display PBXware contacts directory with option to hide, block contacts and set contact alias.
CRM Integration
SugarCRM Full support Option Option Option Option Option
Zoho Click to dial not available, no recordings upload Option Option Option Option Option
SalesForce Click to dial not available Option Option Option Option Option
Microsoft Dynamics Click to dial not availablel, if person is not in CRM, call won't be recorded unless agent adds user during a call Option Option Option Option Option
Bullhorn Click to dial not available Option Option Option Option Option
ZenDesk Click to dial not available Option Option Option Option Option
Conferencing Features
Dynamic Conferencing Create and control dynamic conference calls on any SIP phone or SoftPhone. Convert two way calls into conference call, and add as many participants (dynamic conferencing). Limited to Single
Static Conferencing Visibility and control of static conference rooms on any SIP phone or SoftPhone, with the ability to drag and drop participants or instruct the switch to call out.
Standard application features
Call parking Easily park an incoming call.
Manage parked calls View parked calls and pickup from another extensions for up to 20 lines.
Notifications Notifications for incomming call, new IM message, contact conference join, contact online status on every supported Desktop OS and call control popup for MS Windows.
Multilingual support Multiple language interface.
OSC - Online Self Care Online self care platform.
Color schemes Customize gloCOM color scheme according to personal preferences. Currently apply to IM module only.
Different view modes Use List or Grid (Thumbnail) view modes to view your contacts. Choosing the size of the contact details in List mode. Show/hide contact personal message and name in Grid View.
Quick Configuration Configuration procedure with minimal number of steps and data entry.
PBXware Multi-Tenant compatible One connects with gloCOM to a multi-tenant system completely transparently thanks to the pwproxy service.
Automatic updates Users are notified when there are updates for gloCOM and they can choose whether to download/install them. It is possible to postpone notification updates for: a week, month, until next version.
Call Centre Features
Queues Monitor queues in real-time: answered calls, service level, paused agents, calls waiting, logged in agents, busy agents and much more...
Supervisor Real-time agent monitoring and statistics. See graphs in real time. Check performance of agents in real time. Configurable threshold for different kind of alerts (service level, paused agents etc...). See who of the agents is logged in, paused, who is each agent talking to and much more...
Real time Call Monitoring Monitor ongoing calls in real time: inbound, outbound, queue calls etc...
Agent status and efficency Monitor agent staus and efficiency.
Wallboard facility Preview relevant call center statistics and present it on a remote screen.
Agent operations Easy login, logoff as callback or dynamic agent. Agent status indication. Agent pause and unpause, paused time indication. On screen display for inbound queue calls (queue name and contact name if caller exists in Outlook/Google/AddressBook or SugarCRM)
Agent panel See status of other agents (phone and presence), send them messages, and call them. See status of queues, calls waiting, agents busy, agents idle etc... Filter agents and queues to display only specific information (i.e. only agents working in same queues as my agent...)
Agent Pause Reason Codes When an Agent Selects to be not ready the reason is requested and reported for both live and historic displays
Other features
iTunes integration On MacOSX when user places/receives a call, iTunes is paused automatically. When call is finished, iTunes continues to play music.
IP Cameras Alarm/Survilance Connect gloCOM to your surveillance system and alarm.
Personal Message Enter your personal message other contacts will be able to see it.
Avatar Set your avatar image, other contacts will be able to see it.