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  • COMMSware

    Comprenhensive, Productive, Effective,
    Turn Key Solution
    For Your Business Communication Needs!


  • COMMSware

    PBXware & gloCOM
    Carefully designed to fit all your needs

    Including Powerful Desktop and Mobile Apps


  • COMMSware

    Cloud Platform For Communication Technology Solutions
    The only Virtualisation Platform dedicated to Hosting
    Telephony & Unified Communications in the Cloud


  • COMMSware

    sipMON & sipPROT
    Advanced Monitoring & SIP Protection

    Prevent & Monitor cyber attacks using advanced
    security technology


  • COMMSware

    UC Appliances

    Traditional Key System Functionality
    deploying advanced PBXware features
    & lowering costs


  • COMMSware


    Your turnkey telco invoicing & payment platform.
    Easily manage the whole process from sign-up
    until invoicing and payments




PBXware || SERVERware || TELCOware || sipPROT || sipMON || gloCOM || IP Key Systems

Our off-the-shelf turnkey solution combines seven products to give you maximum usability, scalability, performance, efficiency, affordability and route to market.



PBXware brings together Calls, Conferencing, Instant Messaging Chat, Faxing, Online Presence, Call Center Agents, Outlook/MS Exchange Directory, CRM integration etc etc giving our customers extended advantage in every day unified communications apps usage.



SERVERware is the world’s first virtualisation platform dedicated to serving telephony. By monitoring, measuring and reporting the Voice activity against the hardware usage, SERVERware provides a true picture of activity’s impact on the hardware. Warnings alerts are sent to SERVERware administrator(s) to prevent service deteriorations in such a critical environment.



TELCOware is fully featured telecom customer portal, designed for integration with one or many PBXware telephony switches. TELCOware has a friendly GUI that enables efficient, automated billing, invoicing and payments, allowing you to spend less time dealing with administration of your company and more time to SELL!

Solutions Telcoware



Advanced Threat Detection

Sipprot deals with the packets as they come and not by looking at a log file.Brute-force break-in attempts are quite frequent and an unpredictable threat. Unprotected VOIP PBX systems are very sensitive to this kind of attack. The most common consequence of this kind of network attack are:

  • VOIP service downtime
  • Call quality issues due to an overloaded network
  • Direct financial loss due to network instability



Why wait for customers to call you about voice quality? sipMON will send you alerts of any deterioration and supporting statistics to diagnose the cause.

Solutions sipMON

Solutions gloCOM


Desktop and mobile, your channels of communication are brought together and more control of your day is given.


IP Key Systems

Tradition Reinvented. Both onsite and in the cloud, you can offer the old ‘line1, line2 experience’ with the latest phones.

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