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    Professional & Compact

    Chose the most suitable appliance
    for your business communicaton needs.


  • APPLIANCES- OfficeBox

    Stable & Reliable

    Delivered on OfficeBox Appliance with an easy setup
    & universal GUI.

    Grows with the customers business by upgrading to
    the Bicom Systems PBXware Business Edition.

    Supports Yealink & Polycom Phones.



In order to ensure maximum stability and performance of our telephony systems, Bicom Systems has introduced custom designed appliances. Each appliance is designed, certified and thoroughly tested by Bicom Systems engineers.

Each appliance is optimized to give the best performance according to it’s intended use and software instance that it’s hosting. We didn’t get carried away, don’t worry. Your budget is safe because our appliances also provide the best price/performance ratio on the market.