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    Professional & Compact

    Chose the most suitable appliance
    for your business communicaton needs.


  • APPLIANCES- OfficeBox

    Stable & Reliable

    Delivered on OfficeBox Appliance with an easy setup
    & universal GUI.

    Grows with the customers business by upgrading to
    the Bicom Systems PBXware Business Edition.

    Supports Yealink & Polycom Phones.



  • M2000 is a powerful 1u appliance designed by Bicom Systems. It is an aftermarket solution ideal for small to medium sized businesses seeking a full feature functionality.


    M2000 comes with a fully tested and optimized PBXware Business or Call Center Edition already installed and ready to use. It is capable of supporting up to 100 Users/Extensions and 50 concurrent calls on both VoIP and PSTN technologies.

    M2000 is delivered with a rack mounting system.

    M2000 BOX
  • Compact Size

    Compact Size

    Designed as a compact, lightweight unit it can be placed on your desk, below the desk, mounted on wall. Just about in any aired environment.

    Mounting Options

    Variable Mounting Options

    OfficeBOX is supplied with variable mounting options which enable easy rack, wall and desk mounting.

    In-house Design

    In-house Design

    We designed OfficeBOX from scratch in order to ensure best performance of our systems.

  • Capacity

    • 100 IP Extensions
    • 8 Analog FXO/FXS Extensions
    • 2 x T1 24 PRI Channels
    • 30 Concurrent Calls with G711 (where hunt groups or queues are used extensively, this will be far fewer)
    • 16 Call Recording Ports
    • No practical limits on : IVRs, Voice Conferences, DIDs (within the Concurrent Call Limit specified)

    Technical Specification

    • Quad-Core Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz
    • Internal Storage 120GB SSD SATA
    • Network Ethernet Port 10/100/1000 Mbits/sec
    • 150W Flex ATX Power Supply

    Expansion capability / Cards

    • 2 x T1 24 PRI Ports
    • 8 FXO/FXS Ports

    Mounting options

    • Wall Mount
    • Rack Mount
    • Desk Stand Alone

    Hardware warranty

    • 12 months Limited Warranty (Included)
    • Perpetual Warranty Option Available. For as long as in good standing, replacement hardware will be made available for collection.

    Complete support

    • Since we designed both, our software and hardware, we can provide complete support for the system and express solution to any eventual issues.