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  • gloCOM Business

    Become VoIP No.1 in Your Field!

    GloCOM Business features will rapidly boost

    your working productivity!

    Be VoIP No.1!

  • gloCOM Business

    High Quality Softphone

    ...call monitoring, faxing, click to dial!

    ...and much more!

    High Quality SoftPhone!

  • gloCOM Business

    Dramatically Boost Productivity!

    Improve Efficiency!

    Boost Productivity

gloCOM Business

  • business communication

    The ultimate efficiency in business communications

    gloCOM Business Edition is a unified communications tool of immense capabilities. You may finally rely on a single application to handle your entire day-to-day communication. We made you a cocktail of high quality Voice and Video calls, Conferencing (Static and Dynamic), Instant messaging, faxing, file sharing, CRM integration, Outlook integration, and a couple of secret ingredients. Sit back and enjoy a successful day!


    High quality softphone, full control over all calls

    Design of the gloCOM SoftPhone provides a dialpad similar to a standard VoIP desk phone, with slightly improved layout and functionality. The wide variety of features and actions provided by SoftPhone are perfectly suited to modern, computerized communication. Your desk phone is simply not needed anymore. Manage all aspects of your calls visually. No more hassle over dialing a number published on a web page or contained in an email. Access your voicemail inbox instantly and transfer calls directly to desired extensions. With gloCOM everything is simple as a click.



    switch calls

    Switch between calls or conferences, easily manage and monitor calls in your company

    gloCOM allows a user to use all unified comms and standard comms features. Create and control dynamic conference calls on any SIP phone or SoftPhone. Convert two way calls into conference call, and add as many participants (dynamic conferencing). Use drag & drop to easily add a third person into your phone call conversation. The added person receives a call and upon answering the will join the conference call. You can add as many other users you want.

  • Manage costs

    Manage costs

    of your company operations. Get rid of that ridiculously expensive phone system and huge phone bills - now!

    Reduce workload

    Reduce workload

    As gloCOM makes each task that little easier, it actually reduces workload and stress. Better productivity, will save you time… time is money.

    Optimize environment

    Optimize environment

    your employees work in and increase their efficiency. Using instant messaging with a colleague while on the phone with a customer, sending a fax from the desktop and no longer needing to go to the fax machine... Start with gloCOM - you will not regret it!

    Stay in motion

    Stay in motion

    It allows switching of phones without need to hang up the call. Click one button, walk away from your desk and answer the call on your mobile ext.

    Control your time

    Control your time

    and your calls with presence functions - plan how and when to communicate with your colleagues. Know the instant someone hangs up with the call when available feature… no need to watch a BLF.



    Have all of your contacts within gloCOM… listing of your colleagues, MS Outlook address book , Apple and Google Contacts all in one place.

  • gloCOM GO mobile app

    When gloCOM GO mobile app is used, mobile device becomes an extended part of gloCOM, similar to deskphone when used in Office Phone mode but with even more functionalities and without restrictions of office desk. Integration with mobile app is giving mobility to users while allowing them to use many features gloCOM desktop app can offer while on the go. In addition, when in the office gloCOM GO app will allow you to full control of the calls through the desktop app.

    Plantronics headset support

    gloCOM supports full integration with Plantronics headsets - Users can Answer/Reject/Hold/Resume and Hangup gloCOM calls by using their headset controls.

    Jabra headset support

    gloCOM supports full integration with Jabra headsets - Users can Answer/Reject/Hold/Resume and Hangup gloCOM calls by using their headset controls.

    QoS for Windows and Mac

    Implemented QoS for Windows and Mac. Glocom voice packets will have higher priority trough the supported routers.

    Implemented permissions

    Chat, voicemail, osc, agent pause, access codes, qos, directory and phone DND. Permissions are set per tenant and edition.

    Surveillance camera

    Added support for any kind of surveillance camera that supports HTTP.

    Support for PBX5

    Support for new Asterisk13 platform and PBX5, more stable and reliable platform and software.