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    gloCOM Office; Experience a New Era

    in Your Office Calls Management

    Glocom Office


    Polycom and SIP phones remote control

    The easiest setup in the industry

    The Easiest Setup


    Increase Productivity,

    Lower Costs, Higher Efficiency

    The Easiest Setup

gloCOM Office

  • Office phone control, dynamic conferencing

    Office phone control, dynamic conferencing

    gloCOM allows users to exercise office phone control features remotely without physically touching phone. Polycom IP phone series are fully supported devices.


    The best communication solution for an office worker

    Use simple drag and drop actions to add users to call /chat /conference/group chat, make blind and attended transfers. Chat with one or more Users (single & group chat) at the same time, and keep a searchable history of every chat conversation.



    "The easiest setup in the industry - automatic integration of many phone manufacturers

    Set your presence status and availability on gloCOM. View other users’ presence and availability. Sync Outlook contacts with gloCOM. Call them from gloCOM directly or from Outlook using the integrated Outlook plugin. When inbound call is received, see who of your Outlook contacts is calling you.



    Lower costs, increase efficiency & productivity

    Productivity boost, reliable operation and simplistic design amongst all other benefits that gloCOM provides will change the way your business communicates with efficiency.



    gloCOM creates a modern office communications system retaining the classic phone system experience.



    Keep your PBX, Outlook, Google and Apple contacts in the intuitive gloCOM Click-to-Dial interface, all in one application.



    Reduces the time and effort required to complete the instal of gloCOM - from download to placing a phone call in less than 5 minutes.
    When placed head to head with the other UC on the market gloCOM is the fastest one out there for speed and simplicity of install.
    Take the gloCOM challenge and see for yourself how quick it is to install compared to the “other guys”



    Get things done quicker… ever been on a call with “one” colleague or supplier and needed to add someone else instantly to get the matter resolved instead of having to make a second call to resolve the matter later? With gloCOM you can drag and drop other parties into your call seamlessly.



    Enjoy high quality calls G.722 (HD) , faxing, instant messaging, seamless contact integration and voicemail inbox GUI.



    Deploy gloCOM on a large scale almost instantly, using Microsoft Installer and silent Install features. This would allow system admins the ability to deploy gloCOM over the network with ease.

  • gloCOM GO mobile app

    When gloCOM GO mobile app is used, mobile device becomes an extended part of gloCOM, similar to deskphone when used in Office Phone mode but with even more functionalities and without restrictions of office desk. Integration with mobile app is giving mobility to users while allowing them to use many features gloCOM desktop app can offer while on the go. In addition, when in the office gloCOM GO app will allow you to full control of the calls through the desktop app.

    Plantronics headset support

    gloCOM supports full integration with Plantronics headsets - Users can Answer/Reject/Hold/Resume and Hangup gloCOM calls by using their headset controls.

    Jabra headset support

    gloCOM supports full integration with Jabra headsets - Users can Answer/Reject/Hold/Resume and Hangup gloCOM calls by using their headset controls.

    QoS for Windows and Mac

    Implemented QoS for Windows and Mac. Glocom voice packets will have higher priority trough the supported routers.

    Implemented permissions

    Chat, voicemail, osc, agent pause, access codes, qos, directory and phone DND. Permissions are set per tenant and edition.

    Surveillance camera

    Added support for any kind of surveillance camera that supports HTTP.

    Support for PBX5

    Support for new Asterisk13 platform and PBX5, more stable and reliable platform and software.