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  • gloCOM Supervisor

    Significantly Spice up The Efficiency!

    Enjoy set of features implemented
    in the most comprehensive way!

    Significant Efficiency

  • gloCOM Supervisor

    Full Costs Control,
    Better Employees Productivity!

    Manage entire Call Center
    with an unbeatable efficiency

    Better Productivity

  • gloCOM Supervisor

    Keep connected & present
    all the time,

    Easily Monitor and Support All Agents

    Easy control over agents

gloCOM Supervisor

  • Detailed status overview at a click

    With gloCOM’s Supervisor Edition the wallboard module shows clearly your call center's activity! The ability to know what is going on is crucial to call center managers to be able to make on the fly decisions and organise for the future. With the wallboard module you can see the status of every agent and each queue.



    Full control and monitoring over calls & performance

    Real-time agent monitoring and statistics. See graphs in real time. Check performance of agents in real time. Configurable thresholds for different kind of alerts (service level, paused agents etc...). See which agents are logged in, paused, who each agent is talking to and much more...Monitor ongoing calls in real time: inbound, outbound, queue calls etc...



    Significant analyzing statistics features & agents’ performance

    Monitor your agent performance and call data. Use online self care platform. Preview relevant call center statistics and present them on a remote screen.



    Reduce your Call Center operations costs by 33% with gloCOM. 11890.ie was able to reduce the number agents by a third and maintain the same output. Let gloCOM work its magic for you too.



    With the wallboard it allows you to make a calculated decision. Know what queue to allocate resources to when the demand is there!



    gloCOM gives you a way to assist agents and be present all the time. This builds quality over time.



    Having the ability to shift resources to the areas that they are needed to ensure minimal hold time and less abandoned calls.



    Your Call Center generates through effective management, workload distribution and quality of service. Ultimately this feeds to keeping customers and revenue.



    Inside the wallboard module a supervisor can simply click on an agent and select the desired function. Being able to listen to the call the agent is active with, instant message them, take the call and transfer it elsewhere or logout the agent who forgot to do so when leaving for the day.

  • gloCOM GO mobile app

    When gloCOM GO mobile app is used, mobile device becomes an extended part of gloCOM, similar to deskphone when used in Office Phone mode but with even more functionalities and without restrictions of office desk. Integration with mobile app is giving mobility to users while allowing them to use many features gloCOM desktop app can offer while on the go. In addition, when in the office gloCOM GO app will allow you to full control of the calls through the desktop app.

    Plantronics headset support

    gloCOM supports full integration with Plantronics headsets - Users can Answer/Reject/Hold/Resume and Hangup gloCOM calls by using their headset controls.

    Jabra headset support

    gloCOM supports full integration with Jabra headsets - Users can Answer/Reject/Hold/Resume and Hangup gloCOM calls by using their headset controls.

    QoS for Windows and Mac

    Implemented QoS for Windows and Mac. Glocom voice packets will have higher priority trough the supported routers.

    Implemented permissions

    Chat, voicemail, osc, agent pause, access codes, qos, directory and phone DND. Permissions are set per tenant and edition.

    Surveillance camera

    Added support for any kind of surveillance camera that supports HTTP.

    Support for PBX5

    Support for new Asterisk13 platform and PBX5, more stable and reliable platform and software.