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  • gloCOM GO!

    Your Office
    in Your Pocket!

    Never Lose Efficiency!

    Office in Your Pocket!

  • gloCOM GO!

    The Features You Looked For!

    Wifi and mobile calling, Office voicemail


    You Looked For!

  • gloCOM GO!

    Anytime, anywhere

    All Calls Control

    ...colleagues presence

    ...anytime, anywhere


  • glocom go

    Unlimited flexibility for the best communication effectiveness

    Work on the move and keep the time loses low as possible. Experience efficiency at it’s best with gloCOM GO. Plan phone calls, control your time and define availability using the gloCOM GO Presence panel functionality.


    GloCOM GO… true communication capabilities

    Exploit benefits of the PBXware system and stay connected even
    when out of the office, using WiFi or 3G network.

    glocom go



    glocom go

    gloCOM GO… your office anywhere with you

    gloCOM GO application is a latest addition to the Unified Communications environment that Bicom Systems created. Move your business forward at the pace you never imagined. gloCOM GO is available on all iOS and Android smart phone devices.



    so you can use gloCOM GO with your PBXware from almost any smartphone on the market!



    in and out of office. Bring your PBXware functionality on a smartphone wherever you go.



    allow you to access all of your connections, including ones on PBXware from any device.



    design of the application enables easy company switch to the Bring Your Own Device operations.



    is a software instance of a conventional phone with unconventional capabilities.



    change your availability at any time and be aware of other users presence on the system.



    reduces the time and knowledge required to complete the setup - from download to call in less than a minute.

  • Softphone

    SoftPhone client enables users to make and receive their calls while on the go, without being confined to their office desk.

    Voice Calling

    gloCOM GO allows you full control of your calls. You can place, receive and control calls using mobile app.

    Phone callback

    When softphone is not registered or when network qualitiy is poor gloCOM GO can use callback feature to make calls via GSM. After you dial a number on your gloCOM GO, callback will be initiated and your mobile phone will be called by PBXware, once you answer the phone, call to number you dialed will be initiated.


    gloCOM now allows you to list existing static and dynamic conferences in order to join them. In addition to that, users can also check conference participants and invite new users to the conference. Depending on assigned conference privileges, users can also mute and kick conference members.

    SIP Presence

    gloCOM GO allows you to set your presence status according to your availability on gloCOM. In addition, you can also see the presence of other members of the company.

    PBXware Directory

    PBXware directory will allow you to see all the extensions in PBXware directory with option to hide or block them as well as to set alias for each of the PBXware extensions.

    TLS Encryption

    gloCOM GO allows you to encrypt all SIP traffic using TLS. NOTE: This feature requires some additional server setup.

    Push notifications

    gloCOM GO supports Push notifications which will increase user connectivity and flexibility for business trips, working from home, or any other calls made outside of the office. In addition, push service should also minimize battery impact made by the app.

    Improved connectivity

    gloCOM GO 5 now allows you to switch between mobile and wireless network without being disconnected from ongoing call. In previous version switching from mobile to wireless network and vice versa would lead to connection drop with the server, which is not the issue anymore. At worse case scenario users might get small interruption in call which should not take longer than couple of seconds.

    Auto updates

    Application should prompt the server for updates automatically and inform users if new version is available for download.

    Integration with native Android dialer

    This feature allows user to select gloCOM GO from the list of apps they would like to use as a default app to make calls with.

    iOS 10 CallKit integration

    Call a contacts from the Recents list in native iOS Phone app with the gloCOM GO app.

    PBXware Multi-Tenant compatible

    One connects with gloCOM to a multi-tenant system completely transparently thanks to the pwproxy service.

    Mobile Phone Numbers

    When you click on gloCOM GO contact, you will be presented with list of mobile phone numbers, associated with this extension, where you can select one of the numbers in order to call the person directly to. In order for this option to be available users must add the numbers they would like to be reached on when not in the office in PBXware enhanced service named Mobile Numbers.