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  • TELCOware

    Easily manage the whole process from sign-up
    until invoicing and payments.

    Your turnkey telco invoicing & payment platform.

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    • Unlimited Account Types
    • Call Spent and Call Billed View
    • Call Spend and Call Billed View
    ...and much more!

    Customer Accounts

  • TELCOware

    a "MUST" puzzle for a Turn Key Service
    Provider Business Billing, CRM & Customer Ticketing,
    CMS & Shopping Cart...and much more.





  • All pieces in one for an assertive management

    TELCOware is fully featured telecom customer portal, designed for integration with one or many PBXware telephony switches. TELCOware has a friendly GUI that enables efficient, automated billing, invoicing and payments, allowing you to spend less time dealing with administration of your company and more time to SELL!


    SERVERware GUI

  • Focus on growth


    Leave all of the billing related tasks to TELCOware and focus on growing your business.



    Manual invoicing will leave room for errors & items left out. Not with TELCOware’s subscription billing system.



    TELCOware enables efficient management of customer tickets and tasks distribution to the relevant staff.

    Generate revenue 24/7

    Generate revenue 24/7

    TELCOware is working for you even when you are asleep. Constantly available online services and automated processes that allow you to generate revenue 24/7.

    Manage clients individually

    Manage clients individually

    Each customer has its own account associated with all purchases, payments, tickets and other related info.

    Listen to the market

    Listen to the market

    Easily create promotions and discount offers to your customers. Ready for a big holiday sale?

    Online shop

    Online shop

    TELCOware has integrated Web shopping cart and CMS system for easier and more efficient management of orders.



    TELCOware is designed for a native PBXware integration.

  • Calendar

    The calendar application is a powerful tool for organizing appointments, tasks, meetings, etc. Data is displayed in a very nice and organized way for easy everyday usage. Point and click on the desired date or an existing task in order to add, edit, or view tasks. The calendar application is not only a stand alone application, but is integrated with other site manager applications as well.


    The CMS application is part of TELCOware where you can build the client side of your website - things like using our templates or building your own with the CTTP template engine.


    This location provides options for editing your company's contact information and bank account details if it is necessary.


    The project presents temporary action taken for the creation of a product or service. Being temporary means that the project has a start and end date. Every project is unique and contains one or more tasks. TELCOware gives the option to display list of all available projects as well as other useful commands.


    Task represents set of instructions required to be done. Tasks from all projects can be displayed and sorted by priority.

    Account details

    The Account Details subsection provides Account information and options to edit the account, create a New Invoice, and instant login to the system as an account user. In account details you can see precisely listed and enumerated details concerning the user's account.

    Credit/debit history

    A user account can be given, or be stripped of a certain amount of billing funds. These funds are used for paying purchased products and services. Credit/Debit history shows history of Credit or Debit for the user.

    Balances (account and PBXware extensions)

    In TELCOware it is possible to see account's balance. There are two available fileds: "Customer Account Balance" which represents equality of totals in the debit and credit sides of an account, and "Available Customer Funds" which displays funds that are present and ready for use at the moment.

    Support Tickets List

    List of educational and problem-solving assitance to account users can be displayed in Support Ticket list. Tickets can be filtered by entering the subject or by status.

    Subscriptions Services

    In Subscription Services field all subscribed services are displayed. Possibility to create new Subscription Service is also provided.


    DIDs are used to point all incoming calls that come over trunks to specific system destinations. TELCOware has possibility to display all system DIDs with the following details: PBX extension, DID. TELCOware gives the possibility to add new DID.

    Call Records

    Call records field displays list of calls.

    Acc. Managers Report

    List of reports that are showing sales of all Account Managers for selected period of time. Reports can be filtered per date, per account manager or additionally per currency, and converting it to default currency. You can also select only one currency. This report also allows you to get involved invoices and credit notes in specific month and Account Manager.

    Debtors report

    Debtors report lists all overdue accounts. The report displays customer's Account name or company name. Using Debtors report you can open email application with From and To details to make it easy for you to chase payments.


    Categories represent a collection of things that share a common attribute. A Category can hold other categories (called subcategories) and Items/products as well. An unlimited number of categories and subcategories are available for adding. Although Products & Services are mostly used for displaying products, news articles, archives, and other data can be assigned to them as well.


    Products are one of the most important parts of TELCOware, because billing is based on them. Without properly setting up products and services, you will not have the billing system running.

    Invoice Create Credit Note

    Creation of credit note is done via Invoice. In Credit note add note and reason which can be one of the following: Error Correction, Non-Payment, Cancellation, Other.

    Outstanding balances

    Outstanding Balances section is used for tracking and monitoring outstanding balances.

    Tax report

    In Tax Report you can see the list of "Total" outstanding balances and "Taxes" for selected time interval.


    If you are going to sell product and services with recurrent pricing, you have to create Packages, which will be used for creating subscriptions. Every item added to a package should have a recurrent price. Add-ons to these items may have recurrent and one-time prices.

    Subscriptions Outstanding Run and Bill Now

    Run option calculates the recurrent calculation of invoices. Bill now option is used to send invoices to the customers, after the recurrent calculation is done.

    Report Invoice, Payments and Other

    In Report Live section various reports are generated to provide valuable information to management on financial situation through specific time period, related to invoice, payments and credit notes. You can follow in real time all billing tasks graphically displayed

    Multiple Currencies

    The system is able to accept unlimited currencies. Also system gives you the chance to add currency. However, the system has to have a "base" currency from which other currencies will take its value using the exchange rate field value.

    Multidimensional taxes for every country

    Taxes in TELCOware are matched on the customer's or TELCOware location. So you must make proper tax types to achieve the best results, because depending on the text type you will create taxes.

    Telephony: Connect with PBXware

    In TELCOware external switches can be added, modified or deleted.


    A list of user names, email addresses, and command buttons is displayed. Users listed are actually persons who are allowed to enter and use the site manager. Also you can add new user, or edit existing one.

    Users Groups

    The number of administrator users can grow very large. For easier manipulation they can be organized into groups. The applications user group can see and access it set as administrator. Also, you can add new group, or edit existing one.