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  • ITSP Solutions

    Are you a Telephony Service Provider
    or looking to become one?!

    You’re in the right place!

    We have ALL needed for the maximum
    usability, efficiency and success in ITSP business!

    ITSP solutions for all

  • ITSP Solutions

    Our team of engineers has developed
    an advanced set of tools to meet any
    of your ITSP needs.

    Highly featured products based on
    our careful and continuous researches
    throughout many years.

    ITSP solutions for all

  • ITSP Solutions

    Get to know our highly featured
    set of ITSP products.

    Experience the turn-key solution for
    the best performance of your system!

    ITSP solutions for all



  • What solution are YOU looking for ?

    With over 12 years experience we have worked with many sectors creating bespoke solutions for the cost of off-the-shelf. Often solving unique problems.

    Whether Government, Enterprises, Call Centers, Service Providers or SMBs if you have something that needs a listen, some thought and consideration, please reach out.

    To mention a few of the weird and wonderful : Playing the National Anthem at 11am across all Office Speakerphones, Deploying 5000 end posts in the Sinai Desert behind the wire, CRM integration with proprietary vertical CRMs, NASA providing six weeks to deliver a custom conference solution for 600 scientists, Pizza Delivery needing to call mobile phones by ring-group without leaving a voicemail and your is next ….




    PBXware - SERVERware- TELCOware - sipPROT - sipMON - gloCOM - IP Key Systems

    Our off-the-shelf turnkey solution combines seven products to give you maximum usability, scalability,
    performance, efficiency, affordability and route to market.



    PBXware brings together Calls, Conferencing, Instant Messaging Chat, Faxing, Online Presence, Call Center Agents, Outlook/MS Exchange Directory, CRM integration etc etc giving our customers extended advantage in every day unified communications apps usage.



    SERVERware is the world’s first virtualisation platform dedicated to serving telephony. By monitoring, measuring and reporting the Voice activity against the hardware usage, SERVERware provides a true picture of activity’s impact on the hardware. Warnings alerts are sent to SERVERware administrator(s) to prevent service deteriorations in such a critical environment.



    TELCOware is fully featured telecom customer portal, designed for integration with one or many PBXware telephony switches. TELCOware has a friendly GUI that enables efficient, automated billing, invoicing and payments, allowing you to spend less time dealing with administration of your company and more time to SELL!

    Solutions Telcoware



    Advanced Threat Detection

    Sipprot deals with the packets as they come and not by looking at a log file.Brute-force break-in attempts are quite frequent and an unpredictable threat. Unprotected VOIP PBX systems are very sensitive to this kind of attack. The most common consequence of this kind of network attack are:

    • VOIP service downtime
    • Call quality issues due to an overloaded network
    • Direct financial loss due to network instability



    Why wait for customers to call you about voice quality? sipMON will send you alerts of any deterioration and supporting statistics to diagnose the cause.

    Solutions sipMON

    Solutions gloCOM


    Desktop and mobile, your channels of communication are brought together and more control of your day is given.


    IP Key Systems

    Tradition Reinvented. Both onsite and in the cloud, you can offer the old ‘line1, line2 experience’ with the latest phones.

    Solutions_Key Systems




    Incumbent Service Providers

    We have worked with Wateen, BT, Astrium, Orange, and Telecom Italia to name a few. Of course the core business and services are the same for all. It would be naive to believe, though, that the circumstances are. To become a trusted partner at this level demands a different approach.

    The motives for our involvements vary. Sometimes it is to secure a unique project that larger competitors cannot react to. Increasingly, though, it is to provide a lower cost offer than Broadsoft, Mitel, Genesys, or Metaswitch, but with all the features that customers insist on plus the ability to scale in partitions.

    For a confidential opening of ideas, please contact us.

    Incumbent Service Providers

    Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

    CLEC - Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

    Back in the old days you had number ranges; now, with the joys of VoIP technology, phone numbers can be assigned to an IP address, allowing the simplicity of porting. This gives you an advantage with your customers, offering them the option of analogue and Digital VoIP. It also means your competitors can do it too, so why should they stay with you or switch to you?

    Bicom Systems' complete COMMSware suite will improve stickiness and reduce churn. gloCOM has plenty of features, but it has a ‘fall-in-love’ aspect to it too. Let’s talk to better understand your business model and give some insight to future market changes such as CRM.

    Internet Service Providers

    Adding voice to your current product portfolio will allow you to bring further value to your customers. This will allow you to keep the voice “on net” using your network infrastructure, thus reducing the need to have voice travel over the public internet to reach your servers.

    By allowing you to offer a private voice connection with services under your control, we reduce the “unknown factors” that occur with voice quality when a call travels over the public internet.

    Obviously there are other factors to consider, such as where to source DIDs from. You may also have an existing Billing and Invoicing Platform that you wish to work with. This is nothing we have not done before. Talk to us to get an idea how much further this can go.

    Internet Service Providers

    Phone System Dealers

    Are you a VAR or Phone System Dealer?

    If so, you're in the right place!

    Bicom Systems has all the tools that you'll need from start to finish and beyond. Whether it’s software solutions, hardware, or even just advice from someone that’s been there, we’re ready and willing to help!

    We have a package specially designed for ISPs that will give you all of the software and services that you need.

    Once upon a time, life was simple. A customer needed their phones organized - the choice was Panasonic or Nortel BCM 50. You installed it, it worked, and every time a change was needed you money printed as you went out to location to make the changes.

    Now that there is CRM integration, the customers want statistics by the bucket load and each one needs a unique and different tweak. We have often helped partners win business by providing custom work to ensure that the End User gets a bespoke solution for the cost of off-the-shelf. Who is your next customer?

    Are you a VoIP Entrepreneur?

    If so, you're in the right place!

    Bicom Systems has all the tools that you'll need from start to finish and beyond. Whether it’s software solutions, hardware, or even just advice from someone that’s been there, we’re ready and willing to help!

    If you're looking to start a business, we have the complete turnkey solution that you need at an affordable price.

    As we have all seven pieces to the puzzle of success, you are able to get a one-stop-shop for everything you need to start as a VoIP Entrepreneur and to grow and become a full-fledged ITSP.

    Starting with “nothing” is never easy. We know - we were there once. We give you all the “tools” to start a successful and profitable business, plus the support along the way as well.

    Please do not lose more time in getting started. Contact us today


    Internet Telephony Service Providers

    ITSP - Internet Telephony Service Provider

    So you have established a wide network of customers and their connectivity. Possibly already you have supplied voice over the top. Customers though keep wanting more and better.

    These are services used by the entire company on a daily and interactive basis rather than just taking for granted that bandwidth is there. This extra care means more customer loyalty and more profit for you.

    Take a look too at our smartphone and desktop application gloCOM to give an idea just how much further your bandwidth may be used.

    Let’s start by better understanding your customers make-up and suggest how to position communications so that your offer becomes ever stickier.

    MSP - Managed Service Provider

    Work with existing customers and have the ability to add services to your delivery. VoIP and Unified Communications do more than just widen your portfolio to your customers.

    These are services used by the entire company in the bid to gain customer loyalty and more profit. In many cases, you will already have the server / cloud infrastructure that your customers connect to and the secure connections to guarantee the Quality of Service.

    Do you have an existing preferred CRM that you promote? Possibly it is one we already support. If not, it may be easily added to provide you with a unique vertical.

    Let’s start by better understanding your business portfolio and suggest how to position communications within that.

    Managed Service Providers

    Wireless Internet Service Providers

    WISP - Wireless Internet Service Provider

    Wireless has to be of our favorite media to interface with. We are a member of WISPA.org and if you are visiting WISPAPALOOZA, please stop by.

    Often WISPs have well established businesses. However demands keep growing from customers. Often WISPs cover rural communities and the need for higher value Communications Services keeps growing to support their remote working.

    With PBXware hosted firmly in your data center, latency is greatly reduced. This allows you a superior offer compared to vendors of other technologies.

    Let’s start by better understanding your existing infrastructure and customers and then how to lay over the top a totally new communications service.



    Municipal / State / Federal

    The government of any country has enough to worry about without dealing with a communications system. Governments provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable, necessitating a simple and easy-to-use solution that works quickly and effortlessly.

    Bicom Systems has worked with governments in several nations to implement communicating solutions that are sophisticated and feature-rich under-the-hood, but so simple on the surface that they work without a second thought.

    We can repeat our government communications solution around the globe with services like police, fire stations, mental assistance, legal aid, and more. Please contact us today to discuss your solution.



    Solutions for healthcare providers must be capable of handling high volumes of calls quickly and efficiently. Often, the solution will be a call center software specifically designed for inbound and outbound call campaigns.

    Bicom Systems equipped a health insurance provider in the Dominican Republic with a robust call center solution. The provider went on to win several customer satisfaction awards.

    Contact us today to find out how we can improve communicating for your health care company or organization.

    Prison Service

    Prison Service

    While the communicating requirements of prisons are similar to call shops, there are a few vital differences. We understand the delicacy of prison systems and the need for call monitoring, prepaid minutes, and even security.

    Bicom Systems developed a custom prison communications solution specifically for a Pakistani prison in 2014. It allows inmates to keep in touch with family via prepaid vouchers, supports prison staff as they endeavor to maintain utmost security and control, and reduces the presence of illegal cell phones within prisons.

    Contact us today to implement our custom solution in your prison.




    Eliminate the large telco costs. You are able to offer telephony services to your offices/franchises and other locations, all connected and managed by your main location/head office. This allows you to take advantage of costs and time savings as everything will be kept and managed in a centralized location instead of on many different vendor systems, in many locations, from many suppliers.

    Enterprises have requirements that go beyond that of Smaller and Medium Businesses. These differences can be about features and functions. They may also be about dealing with many locations often over different countries and timezones. They are always though about scale.

    In order to support larger customers, Bicom Systems has its Enterprise Division with its dedicated staff including PRINCE2 Project Management Staff. Particularly during deployment there may be the need to plan and pretest many thousands of phones in a careful and synchronised rollout where failure could bring down the entire company for days.

    Features available include LDAP integrations, APIs using PBXware Proxy to see and control calls in progress, Further detailed reporting, Integration with SKYPE 4 Business, Internal Billing. You may though have a special project needing special integration.

    Deployments undertaken at this level include:
    • MFO.org delivered 5000 users across Italy, Egypt & Israel
    • A very Large Insurance company with many branches across the country required Custom Integration was developed to link with their internal CRM
    • UNESCO : has its desert deployments in Africa linked back to New York with calls passing over the Iridium Satellite Network.

    On the other hand you may simply be starting out and require a completely different style of assistance getting familiar with terms such as Agent Login, Callback and IVR. Here a more minimal approach may be started with but nonetheless one that targets where the quickest bang for buck can be obtained in any organisation change to be effected.




    Possibly because we have been there, but our heart is with Small Medium Businesses. We understand there is no time and it has to work, but the cost must be kept reasonable. We know that competitive edge is only possible if we have what the big guys have but in a way that is understandable.

    We also know, growth can happen and means flexibility. More important still is that each business is unique and that software must be configurable so that the solution is bespoke to requirement within an off-the-shelf costing.

    This tendency is not slowing either. The need to have better visibility of the business, more mobility and ever more ways to communicate keeps increasing. Bicom Systems remains committed to unifying these technologies as they evolve so that Small and Medium businesses everywhere may be run better.




    Are you running and existing and established Call Center with many different campaigns ? or looking to start one inside your organisation?

    Call Centers come in quite different shapes and sizes. Bicom Systems recognises this. For large professional Call Centers that manage many different campaigns the quality of tools can save considerable resources second by second, day by day. Often though the manner and structure of the workflow and positioning of staff is what matters most.

    Bicom Systems has training and consultancy staff available who have themselves managed large calls centres. Starting by getting a solid understanding of what you are looking to achieve, advice may be given on all aspects including staff recruiting & motivation, work topography, morale & compensation plans as well as how to best employ tools to maximize productivity.




    Onsite Systems may not be the only option - but they still matter. Many customers wish to purchase and own their equipment and keep it onsite. This may be to meet with purchasing structures. It may alternatively be for a simple wish of ownership or because the location will only support TDM.

    Solutions vary considerably. Our IP KeySystem provides Tradition Reinvented. The old ‘line one transfer’ is emulated with modern IP phones and the possibility to open to IP trunks is there as well as supporting POTS and PRI lines.

    Business PBXware provides for more IP features and functions with all our gloCOM Options

    Call Center PBXware provides the statistics and features but as we detail in our Call Center section, Bicom Systems Call Center Division has staff that have lived Call Centers as well as simply provided them. Take a read.

    For Enterprises you obviously need to raise your game. If you read our section on this you may brief yourself with the resources Bicom Systems can bring to bear.

    Perhaps though of great importance to you is your Account Manager. You never know what your next customer wants. He can advise. This could be assisting in writing Tender Documents, suggesting Custom Development work to guarantee a perfect fit solution or simply adding a little support to a presentation.


    Mission Critical Systems matter to all kind of Organisation.
    Our SERVERware product is the only Virtualisation Software dedicated to Cloud Telephony.

    Where communication failure is simply uneconomic to imagine or even a matter of life and death we provided five-nines uptime.

    Below are some examples with case studies where available.



    Call Centers

    Call Centers

    The purpose of a call center is to receive and resolve calls as efficiently as possible. Not to mention the fact that missing one call could cost thousands, nevermind the hours of downtime.

    Unified Communications can transform a call center with better features, more ease-of-use, and detailed administration monitoring. The right tools will increase productivity and enable the call center administrator to achieve maximum capacity and efficiency.

    Our tried-and-true solution is implemented in call centers across the globe, contact us today to be next!



    In a situation that can truly be "life or death," the communicating system must be reliable and quick more than anything else.

    Our telephony platform has stood through the test of time and is stable and easy to use. With state-of-the-art technology and an experienced team behind it, we are confident that our solution will withstand the pressure of a hospital.

    Please contact us today to learn more about improving communications in your hospital.



    The government of any country has enough to worry about without dealing with a communications system. Governments provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable, necessitating a simple and easy-to-use solution that works quickly and effortlessly.

    Bicom Systems has worked with governments in several nations to implement communicating solutions that are sophisticated and feature-rich under-the-hood, but so simple on the surface that they work without a second thought.

    We can repeat our government communications solution around the globe with services like police, fire stations, mental assistance, legal aid, and more. Please contact us today to discuss your solution.


    Service Providers

    Service Providers

    Telephony Service Providers are at the heart of what we do at Bicom Systems. It all comes down to managing and growing your business, one client at a time.

    By offering all of the pieces that Service Providers need, we enable our partners to increase the value of their offering, thus growing profits and customer loyalty.

    Contact us today to enhance and grow your existing solution.